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How do I get on a waiting list for a class?

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During the registration process, students can get on a waitlist online or in person at the Registration office B105. The procedure to get on a waitlist is the same as it is to register, but students must select “add to waitlist” instead of “register.” Waitlists end each semester on the payment due date. Students not moved into classes the day after payment due date will be dropped from the waitlist. Students registered from a waitlist will receive an email at their ECC email address notifying them that they have been enrolled in a waitlisted section and payment must be made by 7 pm the next day to stay enrolled. If you are on a payment plan, your plan will adjust automatically. Students receiving financial aid should check to ensure the additional course is covered. 

Students will not be moved from waitlist if:

  1. Enrollment in the waitlisted class exceeds the maximum credit hours for the semester
  2. Student has not met prerequisites for the waitlisted class
  3. There is a time conflict with another class already scheduled