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Frequently Asked Questions

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What features does accessECC provide me?


There are many features for students and employees that will make their online experience easier and more efficient.

  • Calendar-On the left-hand side of the screen there will be a calendar that will automatically populate your classes after you register. It is also linked with your student email account so any reminders you have posted will be visible here as well.
  • Notifications-There will be a notification box on the front page of your accessECC account warning you that there is something that needs to be cleared up before you can access your records.
  • Quick link to student email account-Under the ECC APPS box, you will find a link entitled Student Email. If you click on this link you will be brought to the log in screen for your student email account.
  • Easy access to D2L and other ECC apps-Under the ECC Apps tab, you will find quick and easy access to D2L and many other useful web services.
  • Announcements-Campus-wide important due dates and other announcements will be clearly visible on the front page of your accessECC account, so that you can easily find out when payment is due or when you need to apply for graduation among other vital deadlines.
  • Student reference links-Links to valuable resources and information located on