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Once registered, how do I obtain information regarding my online class?

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Students registered in an online distance learning class will receive an informational email approximately one week before the start date of the class. This email provides essential information about the class, as well as provide log-in details to D2L, where the course syllabus and other necessary course resources are available.

D2L Brightspace is the course management system used by ECC to deliver online and hybrid classes. It is also used to enhance many face-to-face classes and offers a high-quality academic experience that can include integrated librarians, tutors, and more. After registering in an online class, about one week before its start, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing it.

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Watch the distance learning student orientation.

Need technology?

To be successful, you need to be prepared with the necessary technology, such as laptops or Chromebooks, and access to the Internet. ECC's technology lending program offers these resources through the Library Circulation Desk, including access to laptops, Chromebooks, and graphing calculators. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, speak to your instructor. You can request assistance with these items by email at Public access computers are available in the college's computer labs or library on campus and offer Internet access, software, and computer print stations.